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We love our kids, but c’mon admit it. It’s nice to get them back to school and out of our hair, right? Now it’s time to come pamper yourself with a fresh start. New clients only, mention this post and receive 20% off your next service. Offer valid for appointments booked by September 3.

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From Diane the Stylist for Women and Girls

5 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Safe from the Rainy Weather We’ve Been Having

  1. Don’t dry your hair all the way, and use a gel.
  2. Use plenty of hairspray
  3. Wear a rain bonnet.
  4. Use dehumidifying spray.
  5. Braid it.

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6 new hairstyles

From Diane the Stylist for Women and Girls

If there were ever a time to consider switching up your hair look, it’s summer. To survive sweltering weather and beach days, you’ll want a cut that is decidedly low-maintenance and able to stand on its own sans hot tools and as close as wash-and-wear as possible. Click here:


From Diane the Stylist for Men and Women

4 Tips for Styling Thinning Hair

1. Choose a flattering cut. Cuts with soft layers accentuate volume.

2. Embrace color. While greying hair can be more “texturey,” strategically placed highlights and lowlights can create the effect of volume.

3. Pump up the volume. Today’s hair extensions add volume, are easy to use and are virtually indistinguishable from your natural hair.

4. Watch your part. A thinning part can be easily camouflaged through a number of powders, brush-on products and/or other cosmetics.

To see the full article authored by Yagana Shah, click here:

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From Diane the Stylist for Everyone

With summer finally here, we’ll undoubtedly be spending lots of time around the pool.
This time of year is more important than any other in terms of taking good care of your hair. Follow these tips for a healthier mane this summer.
• Saturate your hair with clean water before entering the pool.
• Upon exiting the pool, rinse, rinse, rinse with clean water.
• Shampoo as soon as possible.
• Condition as soon as possible.
If you need some help repairing your summer-stressed hair, call or text me at 972-816-9553, and we’ll work together to get your hair back to a healthy state. 😊

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What’s the difference, safety-wise, between professional and box dyes?

Salon dyes are both better and safer for you due to their higher quality ingredients. Salon dyes contain more elements to protect your hair and skin while preserving the color.

The main difference between salon vs. drugstore dyes has to do mostly with the pigment to protective ingredient ratio. Boxed dyes often contain lots of pigment but not so much in terms of ingredients needed to preserve and protect, so your color is more likely to fade very quickly. And because there aren’t as many nurturing ingredients, you may find that your skin reacts strangely to box dyes—almost everyone has a story about a swollen faces or an itchy scalp that happened after using drugstore dye.

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It’s amazing how empowered we feel when we have that sleek new hairstyle, isn’t it?

Surely you’ve got a friend who could use a little empowerment. I would be honored to help your friends empower themselves. Refer a friend, and receive $10 off your next appointment. Offer valid through June 30, 2016.

By the way – I’m sure Coco intended to include men in her quote as well. 😉

Until next time, thank you for being my client, and I look forward to meeting your friends.

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Wavy Lobs Are Having A Moment On This Week’s Best Beauty List

The lob has become the celebrity haircut trend that can’t stop and won’t stop.

It’s a versatile cut that works on every face shape, transcends seasons and makes the “awkward” growing-out hair phase so much easier to endure. We typically see the long bob haircut in a blunt shape, with sharp ends and sleek strands. But we’ve recently noticed big Hollywood stars like Anne Hathaway, Naomi Watts and Jessica Chastain sporting wavy lobs that are full of texture.

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national womens health week

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Did you know it’s National Women’s Health Week?

Do something good for yourself and for the women in your life!


From Diane the Stylist for Everyone: Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in our lives.

It’s not too late to celebrate Mom even more! Bring her to Salons of Volterra and we’ll work together to bring out her best.

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Come see me and we’ll work together to create a fresh new look for the summer season.

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From Diane the Stylist for Everyone: Get Ready for Summer

As we move into the warm summer months, it’s time to get a head start on that sun-kissed look. Offering highlights and lowlights, I can help you find that look that’s just perfect. Give me a call at 972-816-9553 to schedule your highlighting or lowlighting appointment.




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Life is full of endless struggles, but…

you eventually find a stylist you like.



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Three hairstyles that work on every gentleman:


hairstylist coppell

From Diane the Stylist For Women, Young Women and Girls

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